Unique Advantage

Unique Service

We use the finest quality equipment to ensure that every job is performed with excellence, efficiency, and a lot of pride. We are there for you the whole time. Our office staff is just a call away to help answer any questions you may have about your project before it even starts, during the process itself, and after it’s completed. We assign two fultime dedicated crews to your job site. The crews consist of 3+ technicians to get the job done right the first time. Our crews will not “job hop” from customer to customer, rather, they will stay with you consistently onsite until the job gets done!

Unique Cares

We understand the importance of being respectful of your property, as well as, your neighbors’. To insure you have all the information you need to care for the trees, shrubs and plants -we create and leave a customized maintenance/care guide for every project. The guide contains watering instructions, fertilizer recommendations, and other tips on how to keep your new “unique” landscape thriving and looking beautiful.

Unique Warranty

We offer the most generous landscape warranties in all of Northeast Ohio....and Digger guarantees it! Flip through our comprehensive warranty coverage in a convenient, handheld booklet. We also use “Digger quality” materials with the highest quality mulch, stone, bricks, and shrubs, to provide you with a stunning outdoor setting that’s sure to last.

Unique Process

Our process is engineered to create a quality, valued, and lasting beautiful landscape. Our trained team of professional farmers and tradesmen are dedicated to your project until completion. Pre-emergent is placed on all landscape beds and lawn installations inorder to keep the weeds down.We maintain the most clean job sites in all of Northeast Ohio, providing picture perfect results every-time!

Unique Selection

Broadest selection of mulch, trees, shrubs and plants to fit every family's taste and vision