Our Process

Our 9 Step Process

We Strive to create the Perfect Design and Installation

  • 01

    Begin with a no-fee consultation. We walk your grounds with you; review what you have, want, and need; and then discuss your future goals.

  • 02

    Crystallize your vision as determined by your response to our specific and targeted interview questions. We may discover, for instance, that what you really want is to create a sanctuary for specific kinds birds, utilizing flowers with splashes of color and fragrances that you may want to experience.

  • 03

    Combine your vision with the reality of the topography and geography of your space. This will determine the key hardscape and landscape elements to be included in your design.

  • 04

    Develop a plan based on your vision and expectations that will turn your space into the perfect and comforting environment.

  • 05

    Present an estimate of cost that includes written assessments and recommendations. Should you desire them, additional designs, 3-D renderings, scaled 2D site plans, and specialty package options can be included for a slight fee.

  • 06

    Finalize design, approve installation plans, and assemble a consistent crew of hand-selected, skilled landscapers for the duration of your project. Unlike many competitors, it is against our practice to employ job hopping — we work continuously on your project from start to completion.

  • 07

    Monitor the progress and encourage questions and observations from the homeowner. Your interests and desires are always foremost. We encourage you to talk with our crew leaders at any time during your project.

  • 08

    Evaluate the completed project. A supervisor walks every step of your grounds with you and all interested members of your family, observing, reviewing, and explaining all the nuances and details of the project. You will then receive your custom maintenance guide to help you maintain each and every plant, bush, and tree involved in the creation of your project, as well recommendations for the care and maintenance of all hardscape structures.

  • 09

    Back our work with our Unique Advantage WarrantyTM and certify the project to be Digger Approved.